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Super casino advert actress 2019

super casino advert actress 2019

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A Town Called Malus. Bond was sent to investigate drug traffickers operating in Harlem in Live and Let Die I think, the one with Mr Big as the main villain.

Because a white british guy in a saville row suit was totally not out of place there. Or how about Jamaica in Dr No? The Laws of Thermodynamics: You think you're real smart.

But you're not smart; you're dumb. But you've met your match in me. L Alternatively, Bond could just be just the official identity of even though the actual agents change.

Now that we know Bond's back story, it almost makes sense to get a whole new Bond with a new backstory to explore.

The second scene of Casino Royale was set in Uganda. It means you're not restricting your casting choices to a subset of actors.

For example, Idris Elba is frequently held up as an example of someone who'd make a good Bond, but he's black.

Why should that matter if he'd be well-suited to the character? Being English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, tall, short, dark-haired, blond hasn't mattered to the character or the casting agents, so why does the melanin count in Bond's epidermis matter?

Welcome to my world, Ciaphas. Perhaps three Primarchs fighting together It's worth pointing out that the current General Zod on television is black.

A new version of Superman could be black or asian - there is no reason why a Kryptonian would be white or wouldn;t be.

Is sean connery bond infiltrating Japan one of the most racially pure countries in the world with a long history of isolationism in You Only Live Twice as a 6ft tall scott pretending to be a native Japanese.

Also, its not the same as white washing. White washing is giving basically all but select unimportant or goofy roles to white people. Casting idris alba as bond is giving a good actor who would be great in the role a part he is suited for based on acting talent.

So, are you cool if remake of Shaft has Jason Statham as lead actor? Because I would not, for all the same reasons I outlined here.

And I suspect most of the people calling for black Bond would not either, but for different reasons. I'd love to see a bunch of Bonds in the same movie, like Dalton, Brosnan, Craig, Elba, and maybe Connery all have to work together to defeat the Daleks Spectre.

Automatically Appended Next Post: Then all the former Bonds begin to get involved, having received cryptic letters. About two thirds through the movie, Bond uses a device from Q to scramble the time machine and all sorts of hijacks ensue, with previous Bonds popping into existence and alternate timeline Bonds, and who knows, a dinosaur?

In the end they take on Silver's army of future cyborg spetznatz, bed Marty McFly's mom spawning another James Bond , pull a Wyld Stallyns, and end with a dry quip.

The movie writes itself. We are experiencing technical difficulties. I have found Craig's outings as Bond to be decidedly average.

They are littered with cool moments, scenes and imagery but have left me feeling pretty numb. Making Bond black just strikes me a one of those condescending gestures made to make black people seem 'included'.

The first rule of unarmed combat is: Reading all this has made me realise something People actually watch Bond films.

I always thought they were an over-long advertisement for a car, a watch, a suit and a new and upcoming actress that never really makes it.

I've seen maybe 4 or 5 Bond films. Personally, I find them all painfully boring. I'm firmly in the "Stop making these movies" camp.

Do you like Free Wargames? It WAS pretty hilarious when he got whipped in the nuts with a rope with a knot in it.

You realise that there is a superman version who crashed in Russia right? But a serious answer, you missed what actually is a problem about recasting race again.

Is the characters race important to the character? Does the race define them? Their trials and tribulations? Shaft is defined by being black in the black sploitation era.

His character is inherently tied up in his skin color. People treat him a certain way because of his skin color. Luke Cage is the same.

He wouldn't BE Luke Cage if he wasn't black. If they are not black they are not the same person. Bond's skin color doesn't actually change anything about Bond.

It doesn't define him in any way. Bond's personality doesn't even need to stay consistent because different bonds have had wildly different personalities.

None of which have been consistent with the books. Are you under the impression all WW2 vets are white? How did you forget that time you got elected King of the Liberals?

You swore on a copy of the Communist Manifesto that you would defend every belief held by any member of the left, foreign or domestic, or may you be cursed to forever more drink only non-fair-trade coffee, forevermore.

Backfire, thats a load of crap. Look at your examples man. Your talking about Tarzan being black or a black guy ending up in Europe. It's not about him being black.

The skin color doesn't matter is the point. Tarzan's primary character trait is raised by apes. If it's a dude raised by apes then it's Tarzan.

Example, book tarzan is a genius who taught himself how to read, invented rope, and learned a new language French in a matter of days when speaking a language for the first time.

Basically every cinematic version of Tarzan has ditched how unbelievably intelligent Tarzan is. Look at how many different versions of Robinhood there are.

He's goofy, hes serious, hes a solider, hes not a soldier, his personality is all over the shop, it's all kinds of gak.

Wanna know why it's all okay and they are all Robinhood? Because his primary character traits is good with bow, steal from rich, give to poor.

Anyone who does that can be robinhood. Bond, , gadgets or subverted with jokey lack there of. Bangs some chick he meets in the movie.

Any race can do that. And a female can role reversal it. Errol Flynn supported by Basil Rathbone is the only correct answer.

How would that work out today? Somewhere in southern England. Rules lead to people looking for loopholes. What's here is about it. In regards to Bond, for legacy's sake, i'd like to see him stay traditional, as i think making him black or a woman or a minority would be lazy frankly and just screams of "look, look how diverse we're being".

I'd much rather see a new character be they a woman, black, Asian and grow their own characters and franchise that i could enjoy for another thirty plus years.

Atomic Blonde comes to mind, that 's a movie that could be grown out into a franchise with a little care. There is no such thing as a hobby without politics.

As long as they do a British Bond in Mi6, the rest doesn't really matter. Bond films have always updated throughout their 50 year history. Each one is set in the current era of whenever it was made.

As such, a black or even a female Bond makes perfect sense in the early 21st century. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. New James Bond in No, you can't do that.

Bond has specific character background which includes Scottish father, Swiss mother, Skyfall farm in Scotland and family motto "World is Not Enough".

You can't wipe out that without destroying the character, just like you can't just decide that Superman is actually some guy from Natal, South Africa who got his powers from radioactive accident.

The second scene of Casino Royale was set in Uganda And what did he do? That's right, stood out like sore thumb amongst the locals and had to resort to extreme violence.

By the way, Bond undertook cultural training for his Japan mission, so he would learn to dress and act like a Japanese person so he wouldn't attract so much attention.

He even attempted to pass for a local failed, of course. View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

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